Barkers Buddies Dog Walking & Pet Care Services have been unleashing happy dogs since 2016. Offering the people and pooches of Sheffield a top notch dog walking and doggy daycare service.

We understand that every dog is an individual and will have its own likes and dislikes, we’ll act on any advice you give us regarding what spooks your dog, or what gets their tail wagging. 

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers say…

We firmly believe that dogs need plenty of regular exercise to stay healthy but the same route can get a little tiresome for our best friends. We make sure our adventures together are safe and varied.

We also know the key to a happy dog is through enrichment – we have to keep their brains active as well as their bodies.

This means plenty of opportunities for some good sniffs when out for walks, along with games and rewards. We’re the dog experts and know how to keep your dogs mind fulfilled.